Soviet Sunday!

Welcome to the very first Soviet Sunday!

As we all must know communism is all about sharing. So from now on and each week's Saturday there will be a new blog post where we share an ingame art for your viewing pleasure (?) Please keep in mind that these pictures ain't screenshots so they won't be containing things like characters, user interface or effects found from the game. They are simply a look into rooms of mysteriously forgotten bunker where this adventure game takes place. For most parts these pictures should be spoiler free, most of them don't have any plot twist elements or puzzle design shown, but please notice while viewing these pictures you are responsible of your own spoilagehs! I'll try to give a heads up if there ever are spoilers in these pictures but just for the heads up.Oh and from now on every Saturday will be Soviet Sunday!

From the early parts of the game, perspective quite twisted in retrospective even more so than usually. Still I think it gives a right kind of first impression about the nature of this game.

Stay tuned on same bat channel next week for more!


  1. Can we see characters too?

  2. A little sneak peak at the banner :)

  3. Hey, Very cool! I'm digging the perspective and dark/claustrophobic mood. Keep up the great work! :)

    1. Glad you like it! Just make sure you ain't digging too deep, dwarves once made that mistake. The result wasn't good and I am not interested of telling whatever crawls out of the deep that they need a pass and when they apply for a pass I have to tell them that they can't have the pass. And once they don't understand what I am trying to communicate I switch into simpler, more understandable words and spell out: "You may not pass".


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