Exciting New Year!

This is the year Bunker the Underground Game gets released and let me tell you comrades, it will be glorious. What I started nearly 3 years ago, will finally come to conclusion. There is, as usual, a lot of work left to do, but the part where I start preparing final boss for beta testing rapidly approaches.

Stay tuned!


It's snowing in Finland and yesterday I visited grocery store with a sled, true story. Actually I do that every chance I get. The last apartment we lived in just happened to be on top of a very high hill and we used to slide all the way to the grocery store and when we returned all the bought food travelled in the sled almost without any effort. We don't get white x-mas here every year but this year we most definitely did and holiday celebration feels extra special. I'll be hard at work with Bunker:  the underground game after the holidays but for now:

Merry x-mas everyone

Busy December Ahead of Me

Oh boy, where to start?

I have been quite busy lately due a lot of work related things, but the upcoming December won't be any easier. Quite contrary actually. There will be ton of development work, paper work and maybe even few interviews as well. Some things are actually moving with quite amount of speed right now and while I can't reveal whole lot of details, lets just say I might have something to announce in near future.

Next beta phase will be big one!

The next beta test phase will be quite a lot larger than the ones the came before. Until now I've worked in smaller chunks, testing approx 10% of game at the time and fixing bugs before moving to the next phase.

Right, so in the next phase I'll be doing like 4 sections all together, that is: rest of the game. Naturally getting there takes time and the continuous period of fixing all the bugs will be longer too. As I am crawling toward the final goal and seeing everything to come together I can't but to feel proud how the game is turning out to be. Can't wait for the last big beta to start. 

My favorite holiday of the year

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Oh boy, do I love Halloween. I've always been keen to combination of pitch dark and bright lights. Night time city is one of the most beautiful things I know. In a way lack of light sets a perfect canvas for vibrant colors to be displayed against.

I had to skip more or less traditional Halloween parties this year. Not enough time to plan and arrange plus several other things going on in my life right now that make stuff of routine bit of a challenge. 

I guess it's only suitable that I've been busy working on a room that's mostly dark with only illumination coming from bunch of candles. I posted about the room on Twitter and to my surprise picture was well received. Not saying I ain't happy with my work earlier but with this particular picture there just seems to be something that resonates with people. Maybe I am not the only fan of this "light against dark" phenomenon?

(Awesome Jack'o lantern here by ScarecrowArtist