My favorite holiday of the year

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Oh boy, do I love Halloween. I've always been keen to combination of pitch dark and bright lights. Night time city is one of the most beautiful things I know. In a way lack of light sets a perfect canvas for vibrant colors to be displayed against.

I had to skip more or less traditional Halloween parties this year. Not enough time to plan and arrange plus several other things going on in my life right now that make stuff of routine bit of a challenge. 

I guess it's only suitable that I've been busy working on a room that's mostly dark with only illumination coming from bunch of candles. I posted about the room on Twitter and to my surprise picture was well received. Not saying I ain't happy with my work earlier but with this particular picture there just seems to be something that resonates with people. Maybe I am not the only fan of this "light against dark" phenomenon?

(Awesome Jack'o lantern here by ScarecrowArtist

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