Press, publicity, viral?

"You don't have to try and sell a great product. If it's great it will sell itself" said some capitalist once in some country in the great evil west. A well educated communist as myself knows better. How can you acquire and enjoy something you don't even know that exists? I don't know about you guys but personally I ain't that keen on advertising and adverts in general. Yet here I am about to ramble how important it is for Bunker as well. While I often find myself in disagreement with some of the means that advertising uses I still think it is a necessary "evil". Essentially adverts are about communicating and giving information about something and that something is the adventure game in this case. In a way this website is also one big advert, ain't it? For now I am going to do all the promotion for the game myself and once game advances in beta I'll be contacting members of the press. Been asking some tips, reading some guidelines and preparing some material for journalists and alike. Lets hope that's enough to spark some interest and spreads the word! After all I'd love for people to play the game I'm working on :) (doh).

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