Constructive critic

Critic is a tool at your disposal. You can either deny it until you have to face it in a form of a review or just do something about the short comings before they end up into finalized product. However not all critic is equal. Especially internet and its discussion boards with the cover of anonymity can be a tempting place for some angry rants and jabs toward other people. Quite often these people have something going on in their own lives that they take out on others. And hey, who doesn't enjoy a little attention once and a while? Saying stuff that makes people angry is the easiest way to get some. It has been ages since I've taken any troll seriously or lost my temper because of an internet discussion. I guess my skin is just way too thick these days. And at the same time I understand perfectly well why most of the bigger game studios avoid interacting with their customers over the web like plaque. Being aware of all this, I deeply respect all my test players who I've worked with face to face. Their feedback is something that actually takes the game forward. Also shout out to my fiancee who gives me feedback and critic even when I don't at first agree. Eventually I always do and game is better for it.

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