Meter and what it's based on

So 81% done on the side of the blog seems to imply I can track my progress toward beta with 1% accuracy right? Yes and no. While 81% is the exact number given by the tracking tool I am using it is important to understand how this tracking progress goes.

First we need to remember that I have defined what is the 100%. In this case 100% is completing all the mechanical (puzzles, graphics, videos, animations, etc.) parts of the game from start to finish, from the first screen to ending credits. I have then split all the things that is contained in that 100% into smaller chunks, like for instance group of rooms linked to each other puzzle-wise. So if I am done with those rooms, I mark them as done. Marking these rooms done then affects to completion-% with following formula:

Things done

Things to do for 100%

So if I had done 1 thing out of 2. It would be 1/2 or:


That would make it 50% completed.

I hope that cleared meter I am using a little bit. TLDR; the meter is an estimation.

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