Soviet Sunday!

Welcome to Soviet Sunday comrade! Each week's Sunday we do what communists do best: share. Each and every week at about this time'ish there will be a new picture featuring art from adventure game called Bunker. 

Oh look at the time, is it mid summer already? Oh how the time flows like a rock. Yet here we are perfectly still like a electricity. Do I confuse you? You ain't the only one. You and me buddy, you and me. Uuh look at this thing, it's like technology and stuff. And there's a computer, does it contain internets? I don't quite know what to make out of this. What you think this place is? It's ominous to say at least. Nothing says vampires like dim lighting, well apart sparkling and rivets. Maybe, just maybe this is the lair of infamous death hamster: "Torito". But who really knows. It's not like I made this game or anything. Opposite of anything is nothing so only reasonable conclusion we can make from all this is that next Sunday we will be having yet another Soviet Sunday.

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