Soviet Sunday!

Welcome to Soviet Sunday comrade! Each week's Sunday we do what communists do best: share. Each and every week at about this time'ish there will be a new picture featuring art from adventure game called Bunker. 

This week, even the description above is a freaking lie! You didn't get a picture at all, instead you got a quirky work in progress (work that has ages ago ended) piece from one of the numerous (4) cut scenes of da game. Yes I do think animation found here turned out quite nicely. Specially I like how their eyes are so life like and real. It's amazing what working on 320 x 240 pixels resolution does to how believable things are. I almost feel like I should be angry and shout at the random unknown persons using the internet who I know nothing about. I know you are all waiting for holidays and super excited to get all presents and stuff, but I promise screens for the rest of the year will be even worse. Trust me, I am pathological liar.

Oh and come back next Sunday, was that clear enough?  

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