Last Soviet Sunday ever!

Welcome to Soviet Sunday comrade! Each week's Sunday we do what communists do best: share. Each and every week at about this time'ish there will be a new picture featuring art from adventure game called Bunker. Unfortunately this is the last Soviet Sunday, but fear not you can read rest of the Soviet Sundays because the magical powers of the interwebs. 

This is not actually from the game, don't worry. But this is where the thing started. One simple engine test later I started to dream about making an actual game. Big things have humble beginnings, not to mention my humble game that had a humble beginnings and humble ending. I hope I haven't traumatized anyone too badly. What started as a sudden whim became very important project. All the countless hours, days and months I put into it might not make difference in larger scale (like in galactic scale) but for me personally it has been fun and inspiring journey into new uncharted territories within myself. And as a passionate gamer it's awesome to say I've made a game.

As I am writing this, I have no idea how many people hopped on the train and started to actually follow the progress. I started writing Soviet Sundays when game was almost ready for beta, but still had a lot of work to be done. I wrote them all during the course of 6 hours and timed the posting for each Sunday. I wish the game has been released by now and done at least moderately well. If not, keep tuned for any progress updates.

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