Beta has started

At the start of the year I agreed to take position in Rival Games ( as a lead artist for their (I really should say, "our") upcoming game The Detail. I did this despite of knowing that I would have hard five months ahead of me as I also did last courses for my master of education and my master's thesis.

All this has lead to temporary hold up with The Bunker last couple months. I have been able to work on game here and there but nowhere as much as I used to. However I am glad to announce that my degree is done and my 6 years long career as a student at university has finally ended. I also have managed to find a nice balance between work and making the Bunker and game has now proceeded to Beta test phase.

As usual a lot of work remains but Bunker is now on final spurt. I will be handling beta in phases and I already show cased my game in one event. Keep tuned in to receive news as I proceed with this project :)

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