Ah, the blissful feeling when you are physically able to sit by your computer without feeling pain, desperation or being confused by either lack of sleep deprivation or pain medication (or both). So yeah, approx 2 weeks ago I had to put everything in my life on hold (Bunker's development included) and undergo a surgery. I imagined I'll come home and start developing my game right away but oh boy, ooh boy, was I wrong? Only video game related thing I have been able to do is play with my 3DS (btw buy Legend of Zelda: Link between worlds, do it now). So that's that, 2 weeks vacation I guess. I am happy to report that worse is behind me and soon after I am done with the next section of the game I am ready for next beta test phase. Big stuff! As you must know the game now has release trailer that can be viewed from "Game" -section of this website. Bunker the underground game still hasn't undergone the press release phase, regardless of people telling me it might get some attention now thanks to the trailer. However I do feel like even the press material I right now have should be given more polish and care. Speaking of press, Northlandsquare has released an interview they did with me, you can find that interview from the url:Northland square interview with Tony Sundell Check it out!

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