Soviet Sunday!

Welcome to Soviet Sunday comrade! Each week's Sunday we do what communists do best: share. Each and every week at about this time'ish there will be a new picture featuring art from adventure game called Bunker. 

Each button of this security console gives a beep in different tone. You can even play "what is love" with it! Okay that's a lie. That wasn't very communistic of me, sorry. I'll try to communicate better in our commune in future. Game contains quite a many mini-games bit like this one. You have to actually calculate the password by multiplying pi by 2,78 and then figure out from the repeating numbers what's the correct... no wait that's a lie too. I'm so sorry, can't seem to get rid of habit of lying.

I'll try telling a truth for once: "Next Sunday there will be another Soviet Sunday". Well how did I do?

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